Supporting young AUStralians


In March 2014, Kokoda Youth Foundation celebrated their tenth anniversary with a name change. “The new name communicates our focus on supporting young Australians and providing opportunities to learn skills and qualities that matter in life,” says executive chairman Doug Henderson.

“Kokoda teaches many things that are important - discipline, structure and boundaries. I always say to our Kokoda Kids, there are two guiding factors critical to life: work hard and make smart choices.”

KYF recognises that the world is laden with risks that can affect children’s and teens’ ability to achieve full health now and in the future, reducing their opportunities for education and occupation, and leading to isolation, frustrated ambition and potential, and disappointment. We support young Australians, delivering key programs, courses and opportunities to youth from all social backgrounds and targeting many different needs. Each year, Kokoda Youth Foundation helps many s in these programs, and has a lasting impact on their families, schools and communities.

Our youth programs include:

  1. Kokoda Challenge Youth Program (KCYP)
  2. On the Right Track

Kokoda Youth Foundation